Terms and Conditions

Bookings are only confirmed by a 50% deposit. If the client cancels, the deposit is not refundable under any circumstances (your holiday insurance will cover this and should you need to use it we will provide you with an invoice and evidence of payment to us). The balance of the payment must be made 8 weeks before the booking start date, unless alternative payment methods have been agreed.

All bookings of less than a full week must be paid for in full at time of booking. This payment is non refundable under any circumstances others than Chalet Chefs cancelling the booking.

Chalet Chefs reserve the right to cancel some or all of any booking without refund ( a cancellation invoice will be issued for the clients insurance conpany) should there be any safety issue which may effect any chef/host be it within the chalet you have rented or during the necessary journey to your chalet.

For example, faulty electrics within the chalet, dangerous driving conditions due to weather, uncleared roads, driveways or steps leading to your chalet which are unavoidable for access, avalanches, floods or other acts of God.

Should it be necessary for Chalet Chefs to cancel your in house booking due to chef injury or personal reasons, we will do our utmost to supply a replacement chef or offer you delivery meals. If we cannot supply a replacement chef you will be refunded the difference between your in house booking and the ready meal prices. If we are not in a position to offer ready meals a full refund will be given.

Should the client wish to decrease their party numbers within 8 weeks of the booking start date no refund will be given. A cancellation invoice for your insurance company will be issued.

For bookings made in resort full payment in cash must be made before any booking commences or fulfil the payment agreement made between the client and Chalet Chefs.

If you wish to change any details of your booking we will do our utmost to oblige. However a price change may be necessary.

Chalet chefs strive to provide you with everything you have requested for your booking. However in certain circumstances we may not be able to give you exact menu items you have ordered/requested. In which case we will provide the nearest ingredient possible, and if necessary discuss an alternative dish with you.

It is the responsibility of the client to make Chalet Chefs aware of any allergies or illnesses which require special dietary requirements.

It is the clients responsibility to check with the party they have rented their chalet from, that they are allowed to use a private chef in said chalet.